Thursday, June 23, 2011

"American Christianity"

"Our issue is not that you need another message, our issue is not that you need another fire tunnel, our issue is not that you need the glory of God to come down in another worship service. Our issue is that somebody has to awaken us to the realization that if we have the Holy Spirit of God living inside of us then we should be changing things in our communities instead of laying hands on each other until we fall down again. In the Bible they were anointed enough to lay hands on people until they got up. Because we can't make people get up, we have made the pinnacle of the charismatic experience falling down. God has not given us His anointing to make people fall down. God has given us His anointing so that we can make people get up out of sick beds, out of paralyzed positions, and cancerous comas."

The above excerpt came from a message that I have been listening to repeatedly for the past week and it has shaken something on the inside. The text was taken from Luke 13 in context with Jesus' parable about the fig tree. The sermon was entitled, "Uselessness." Let's just say that it was good, convicting, and challenging! Btw, that is the type of messages we need to be listening to.

Lately my heart has been focused on the thought of "American Christianity." Just saying it makes me squeamish. Honestly I think for the most part that we as American's our missing it when it comes to manifesting Christianity.

For so many people their Christian life does not stretch beyond an hour and fifteen-minutes per week. For others their Christian life is about an emotional feeling when they talk about God....those who yearn for an emotional experience more than God!

Let me just stop and say that Christianity is not about you having an emotional experience. I can go to the movies and have an emotional experience. God is BIGGER!

God's love toward us is passionate, yet we are passionless until it comes to our own personal pursuits.

Why is it so hard to love Him and pursue after Him with intensity?

Why do people get distracted so easily?

Why can't people commit to serving Him? Why can't He be enough?

It shocks me to think that if there were no hell that people wouldn't profess Christianity. God loves YOU! Why can't that be enough? If God never did another thing for you, would you still serve Him?

God does not just want the pieces your life that you are half-willing to give but He want's and deserves everything!

I can't stand to see wasted potential....I know my God is greater! God can do amazing things through you if you would live in complete abandonment to Him.

Maybe you have lived passionless and pursued your own desires, but don't give up. Listen what Joel 2:25 says:

“ So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, The crawling locust, The consuming locust, And the chewing locust, My great army which I sent among you."

My God is in the restoration business and He loves working on messed up "projects." He can redeem your wasted years, it's never too late. Just surrender.